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Nerf War Rules


Since in this Nerf War there will be both long range combat (Nerf guns, bow and arrows, Nerf bazookasÖ etc.) and hand to hand combat (Foam swords, foam daggers, foam sais, foam nunchaku, foam flails, foam punching glovesÖ etc.) there will be two separate sections to the rules pertaining to the conduct in each. But firstly, here are the general rules for the game.


War Requirements

  1. Please note, all the maximum guns and foam weaponry allowed are only 'in round'. This means you may bring more than 21 darts, more than 3 guns, and more than one sword, but you may only use the maximum when in play. Please make sure you label everything you don't want to lose. This would be handy when retrieving darts.
  2. You may carry up to 3 Nerf-type guns or foam shooting weapons into a round, but are not required to carry 3. You must bring at least 1. Your weapon may not fire further than 100 feet straight, as a gun so powerful may cause harm in an indoor war. The testing of all guns brought (if modified) will consist of shooting Bristol board from 5 feet. If it pierces it, the gun is too powerful. The ideal range is 40-60 feet straight.
  3. Nerf guns that use ejecting shells may not be used in this war. Negligence of picking up after a shot could lead to severe injury. If you modify a gun so that shells never hit the floor (such as tying fishing line to shells in the Double Shot) then they may be permitted.
  4. Pump action Nerf guns may not have their pumps plugged. If you donít know what this means, then youíre fine.
  5. You must bring 1 foam sword into a round. It may not measure taller than 3.5 feet, and may not be thicker than 0.5 feet.
  6. You may carry 1 foam dagger/secondary weapon into a round, but are not required to. It may not measure taller than 1 foot, and may not be thicker than 0.5 feet.
  7. A gun/sword hybrid is allowed, but counts for one of each.
  8. You may carry up to 21 Ďshotsí of ammunition into a round. This can be Nerf darts of any kind, Stefans (homemade darts), arrows, balls, discs or Nerf bazooka shells.
  9. Homemade darts, otherwise known as Stefans, are allowed, but their tips must be perfect domes. You may not have pointed darts, even if itís just hot glue. None of the weighting material may poke through the tip either. Most commonly, this weight is lead split-shot. You do not want to get lead split-shot in your face.
  10. You must wear goggles or lab safety glasses. This is an absolute necessity. No exceptions will be made, as head-shots are not only acceptable, but are worth an automatic kill. Ear protection is optional, since getting hit in the ear will hurt, but you wonít go deaf.
  11. You may not use metal cores for your sword or secondary, unless your secondary weapon is a Ďchainedí flail (which would use nylon string instead of a metal chain) or such other weapon that the core will not be used in contact. CPVC and PVC have some elasticity so they can bend slightly when thwacking someone in the hip bone, and are also lighter and less dense, which leads to less pain.
  12. No metal/PVC/wood/hard material may be exposed on either your foam weaponry's contact end or your ammunition. Handles on swords may be exposed, but for the love of God, don't use that end to hit someone.
  13. If your arrows use a wooden or PVC shaft, it must at least be covered in a yielding material, such as a layer of craft foam.
  14. Before you enter the war, you will be required to sign in what weapons youíve brought, how much ammunition and what kind youíve brought and a simple description of your foam weapons, so that you donít have anything missing when you leave. Please note that whatever happens to you or your weapons and ammo in the war is your responsibility, not anyone elseís.



War Rules

  1. You may hit both enemies and allies. If your ally is so wounded that they canít even kill themselves to restart, then you are allowed to give them a poke or a shot to finish the job. This counts as a negative kill on your team and does not give the enemy any points.
  2. There is a difference between a ďHitĒ and a ďGrazeĒ. A hit constitutes that the dart makes contact with the target or the targetís clothes, and thus the trajectory of the dart is drastically altered. A graze constitutes the dart making contact with the target, but just barely, and that the original trajectory isnít changed by much. So, if you can see the dart far behind you instead of at your sides or in front of you, it was a graze. Youíre safe.
  3. When you shoot someone and they donít show any sign of noticing, yell ďYouíre Hit!Ē or ďGOTCHA!!!11Ē so you can confirm with the enemy that it was indeed a hit, and not just a graze.
  4. When you die, you must drop on the spot and lay down. This is a mock death, so be as theatrical as you want. You can still look around from the ground, but you may not move. Count off 20 seconds in your head and then get up, hold you gun/s in the air and walk or run towards the corner of the room designated as the restart location.
  5. As you return to the restart location, you may pick up ammo in your path, but do not run around picking up everything you can see. Just pick up whatever is along your path, if anything.
  6. When at the restart point, you may wait an additional 5 seconds or just run back into play. You may not remain there and wait for the battle to finish.
  7. While you are dead, someone else may move you themselves. They can roll you over and use you as a trench shield, or even prop you up into a sitting position as a shield. Since youíre dead, you have to let them do this until your 20 seconds is up. They may not harass you or do anything youíre uncomfortable with, besides using you as a shield. Just tough it out.
  8. This war works on an honour system. If you are hit, fess up to it. If you donít, thereís no fun in the fact that itís a war. Clothing hits count, so donít wear baggy or loose clothing.
  9. You may not shoot a player who is in hand to hand combat, but you may join in the hand to hand combat.
  10. There will be obstacle props to hide behind. They are very light weight, and will vary in size. You may not knock over any obstacles or move them purposely.
  11. You may not punch/kick/spit at an enemyÖ or at an ally (just in case). Weíre all adults here, so just use your toy guns to vent your anger.
  12. Taunting the enemy is totally encouraged, but donít make it personal.
  13. Do not leave weapons lying out in the open, or they may be stepped on. If you canít carry all your weapons, leave them behind an obstacle. The most ideal situation would be to have holsters or straps to keep all your weaponry on you.


Long Range Combat

1.      Ammunition must be shot from a gun/bow. You cannot just throw a dart or ball at someone.

2.      The number of shots required for a kill is 3 on the torso, or one on the head. Do not aim for the neck, though it counts as a torso shot.

3.      Getting shot in limbs does not count towards a kill, but it does handicap. If you are shot in an arm or hand, you may no longer use that arm at all, not even to cock or reload your gun. Your arm must be held behind you until you die and restart. If you are shot in both arms, then youíre pretty screwed, unless you have very dexterous toes. If you are shot in one leg or foot, you must kneel onto that leg. You can still move, but you canít get out of that position. Rolling around is fine. If youíre shot in both legs/feet, you have to sit on them and remain in your position, or drag yourself with your arms. If you get shot in both arms and both legs, youíre still alive, but youíre pretty much just future road kill.

4.      Once a limb is disabled, having it shot again will not count for anything. You may not use disabled limbs to shield from shots. If you do, and the shooter sees it, they can call you out and it counts as a torso hit.

5.      If your gun is shot, you may not use it again until you restart. You may empty it of ammunition, but the gun is no longer functional.

6.      If there is a triangle kill, where one person kills another person, who kills another person, who kills the first person at the same time, all are dead. If there is a two way kill with no discernable first shot (or if you canít agree on it) then they both die.


Hand To Hand Combat

1.      Donít aim for the face or crotch. Ever.

2.      A hand to hand combat commences as soon as you exchange the first sword hit. Before this, you are still considered in long range combat, even if you are only holding a sword. So hold a gun as well until youíve smacked someoneís sword.

3.      The number of hits required for a kill is 1 on the torso. It can be a slice, a poke or a tap on the side.

4.      Limbs donít count towards kills, but they do handicap. Itís all the same as in long range hits.

5.      You may not push each other or kick each other away.

6.      You may not catch your opponentís sword or hold on to it, though you may steal or pin it down if they drop it, though; itís not very honourable to kill an unarmed enemyÖ. HAHAHA, ok.

7.      You cannot throw your sword or knife at someone. Come on.

8.      You may block shots with your sword or knife with no consequence, but good luck trying.




These games may be played with both Nerf guns and foam swords, or one or the other, depending on majority vote.


Team Deathmatch

In this game, you have to use teamwork, strategy, and the natural flair for shooting someone in the face without looking. There are two variations of this game, VS-Teams and Multi-Teams.


In this version, there are two large equal teams. You can faction off large teams into specialized groups for attacking, cover fire, defending and long range support for team mates whoíve gotten into hand to hand combat, to prevent another enemy from joining. These games are 20 minutes long, and at the end, the score will be tallied. The team with the most kills is the winner.


In this version, there are many teams of 2-3 people. Make sure theyíre someone you trust and can depend on, these people will be defending you when you get into a tight spot, and will give you cover fire when you want to go in for a kill. All teams are against each other, but they can make alliances in-game. Teams only exist if at least one team mate is still alive. If all team members are killed at once, that team is out of the game. This way, even if you have alliances, they wonít last forever. Be careful of whose team you decide to ally yourself with, because they might be a little too trigger happy sooner than youíd hope.


Free For All Deathmatch

In this game, everyone is the enemy. There is no support; there is no aiming between allies. Everything that moves has to die, or youíll be next. This game lasts 20 minutes. Whoever has the most kills under their belt by the end is the winner.


Last Man Standing

In this game, you can only depend on yourself for survival. You may make in-game allies, but they wonít be of much help for long. If a player is killed 3 times, they are out of the game. Last man standing wins.



In this game, all players must stand in a circle. Whoever is to their right is their target. Whoever is to their left is their assassin. Once this is decided, all players may take cover and the game will start at the signal. Assassins may only hit their target. This game can go on with quick alliances, since you only have one enemy, but you canít ally yourself with your assassin. Thatís just asking to die. When a player is killed by their assassin, they are out of the game. When only assassins are left (if there are more than three), then they will stand in a circle and choose new targets. This cycle will repeat until there are only one to three assassins left, and they will be the winners.


Team Assault/Defend

In this game, there are two teams. There is a single large base in the center. To have control of the base, one person of a team must be inside the base. If this person is killed, the base is not owned by anyone and is up for grabs. After 20 minutes, whichever team owns the base, wins. If there are two people in the base from opposite teams or if the base is not owned by anyone, the game goes into sudden death and the first team to posses the base wins.


Team Capture The Flag

In this game, there are two teams. One team must capture the enemyís flag and bring it to their base, and keep their own flag in their base in order to score a point. They must capture the flag 3 times in order to win. If the flag of a team is gone, and they capture the enemyís flag, they may not score a point until they retrieve their flag as well and bring it to their base. Team mates may hand the flag to each other by hand, but may not throw it. If a player dies in possession of a flag, that flag may be taken from them by anyone. If it is not taken by the time the player restarts, it must remain where the player fell. Players restart in their own base, instead of a restart point.





Team Deathmatch

1.      Scoring is team based. You gain a point for your team every time you kill an enemy. This means you must get the fatal hit on the enemy. Even if you shoot the enemy in the torso twice, if someone else hits them for a kill shot, they get the points for their team, not you. If itís in your team, then the team gets the point.

2.      If you kill your ally, you lose a point for your team. This is true for both accidents and for mercy kills.

3.      If you or a team mate is killed by an enemy, this does not affect your teamís score.

4.      At the end of a battle, each team mate counts all the kills and mercy shots together for a total score. Whoever has the highest score is obviously the winning team.


Free For All Deathmatch

1.      Scoring is individually based. You gain a point for every kill. Being killed does not affect your score, but suicide removes a point from your score.


Last Man Standing

1.      This is a scoreless game. The last player still alive at the end of the game wins.



1.      This is a scoreless game. There is no keeping track of who is winning, since all players are being individually hunted by only a single person. If an assassin-target chain is broken (as an assassin1 kills their target and then assassin3 kills assassin2 who was going to kill the assassin1, then assassin1 is a winner, unless more assassins make it though, in which care there will be another round).


Team Assault/Defend

1.      This is a scoreless game. There are no points because whichever team controls the base wins.


Team Capture The Flag

1.      Scoring is not based on kills, but on flag captures. Whichever team captures the opponentís flag 3 times first wins.